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African Prestigious Awards 2017

The African Prestigious Awards is all about Achievers, Super Achievers and Future Leaders. This glamorous event will attract the best of the best from Africa. The event will highlight, recognize and reward all the ability to steer their educational values, businesses and other projects through turbulent times, applying the best of business modules to manage and keep their missions afloat..

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25 Nominees recognize the achievements made by selected high profile corporate business leaders in Africa and honor their great contributions towards the country's post-recession economic development. All these fine exemplary leaders will be mentioned of their impeccable leadership qualities deeming it fit into nation building..

Africa is the world’s second largest continent and the most endowed with natural resources.

There is a cause to write the story for the world to reading, instead of waiting for them to write about the negatives of our beloved continent. In fulfilling the telling of our story to the rest of the world, the Africa Prestigious Awards is set to help honor and also motivate both individuals and countries on the continent to rise and help build the continent..

Main activities & Dates

1. Launch of the initiative in Accra 21st September 2017
2. Nomination - 21st August to 15th November 2017
3. Voting - 24th November to February 17th 2018
4. African Executive Business Networking and Exhibition 23rd and 24th February 2018
5. Grand event - 14th April 2018


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